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Why Don't You

Website design and development for a children's holiday club

Why Don't You Website - Emma Rampton Portfolio

The Brief

Why Don't You is a children's school holidays club and children's drama class business based in Surrey. As the business expanded they needed a website to advertise the dates of their clubs and classes and allow parents to book their children on to them, quickly and simply.


Hannah the owner contacted me asking for a fun, colourful website that represented the Why Don't You brand that focused on showcasing photographs of the activities and events from past clubs. Hannah was also looking for an easy to use booking system that she would be able to manage but that was also bespoke to her needs. 

The Result

The site is built on Wix as this is a platform that Hannah felt comfortable that she would be able to manage and update as the business grew and evolved. I brought together the three different areas of her business, holiday clubs, drama classes and parties & events in one consistently branded website. I incorporated class4kids a management system for kids activities clubs into the site to achieve the booking functionality she needed and created beautiful photo galleries of her past events to give an insight to parents of what they could expect their children to be getting up to during her clubs.

Let's work together

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